Golden Collagen Infusion Serum
Golden Collagen Infusion Serum
Golden Collagen Infusion Serum

Golden Collagen Infusion Serum

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Wrinkle reduction

- 55%

Anti-aging (collagen synthesis)

+ 57%

Skin moisture content (after 2 weeks)

+ 60%

Skin elasticity

Significantly improved

Duration of moisture retention

72 Hrs

Cell growth (RGR)

+ 80%

- Booster effect
- Soothing

With its innovative ingredients, the GOLDEN COLLAGENINE INFUSION SERUM can reduce wrinkles by up to 55% and moisturize the skin deeply. This results in a unique and luxurious anti-aging effect and a refreshed complexion. Cosmetic research has shown that gold, in addition to its own anti-aging effect, is also an optimal carrier
of active ingredients in the skin. This ability of gold is used in the SwissGetal Golden Collagenine Infusion Serum. In a complex process, the gold particles are combined with active peptides, which means that the peptides are transported into the skin much more efficiently and the ingredients can enfold their effect longer and more effective than usual. In the combination of the active ingredients the Serum is able to stimulate collagen synthesis and increase fibroblasts, which improves skin elasticity and achieves the anti-aging effect. Due to the enrichment with small and large molecular hyaluronic acids, the anti-aging process can be supported by providing the skin with the moisture it needs.

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