Cellular Lifting Intensive Ampoules (3 x 2 ML)
Cellular Lifting Intensive Ampoules (3 x 2 ML)

Cellular Lifting Intensive Ampoules (3 x 2 ML)

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Effect Improvement within 12hrs

Immediate tightening within 30 min

+ 7.7 %

Immediate wrinkle reduction within 30 min

- 14.1 %

Instant smoothing effect

+ 8.1 %


- Long-lasting firming and anti-wrinkle effect

- Extra moisture

- Stimulates and reduces symptoms of fatigue

- Strengthens collagen fibers

- Against Couprose

The specific ampoule to combat stressed, tired skin. Lifting Intensive ampoules stimulate cell regeneration and cause an intense "lifting effect.“ Thanks to the rich formulation it stimulates cell regeneration and tones the skin. Through regular use the Lifting Intensive Ampoules increase the moisture cohesion of the skin. They are also the ideal "beautifier“ with "lifting effect“ for a special event.

Why it's Special

  • Cell Regeneration - Invigorates tired skin to make it appear more radiant, reduces wrinkles, and tighten facial contours


Ingredient Effect

Hydrolyzed Manihot Extract


The unique three-dimensional network of Cassava (Manihot) esculenta tuber -glucans quickly forms an extremely elastic film on the surface of the skin, which creates an immediate stretching effect, smoothes bumps in the skin and fills wrinkles to improve skin tone.

Guarana Extract

Contains xanthin-derivatives (coffein), stimulates and reduces signes of fatigue.

Echinacea Extract

Soothing, anti-inflammatory, anti-alergic, moisturizing.

Horse Chestnut

Astringent, toning, anti-inflammatory against rosacea

Centella Asiatic Extract

Soothing, regenerating, revitalizing, anti-inflammatory.

How to Use

  • Open the lifting intensive ampoules with your fingers protected by a facial tissue.
  • Place the contents of the ampoule on the palm of your hand and apply it to cleansed skin with your fingertips, massage in with slightly circular movements until all of the ampoule contents are absorbed by the skin.
  • Then use other SwissGetal products for day or night care.
  • Apply more to wrinkles. An ampoule for one application. Can also be used as a cure (2–3 ampoules per week).

Skin Type

For all skin types: mature, oily, sensitive, dry, normal and combination. It’s equally effective for men and women and absorbs easily.

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