Our Mission

Swiss Getal came into existence to revitalize the skin, undo the signs of aging and help people fall in love with their skin. We are on a mission to bridge the gaps in the skincare industry in an environmentally responsible way. Thus, we are working round the clock to ensure that our products are accessible to everyone.


Created from the words “Swiss” and “Vegetal” (herbal), Swiss Getal was designed to activate, revitalize and nourish your skin.  Mainly natural ingredients were used for the products, which are enhanced by active components.

Swiss Getal aims to increase our customers' holistic well-being with high-quality, effective skincare products. We aspire to make every individual feel beautiful in their own skin.

1985 - 1991

Our founders have been an active part of the beauty industry for decades and have owned various beauty salons in Switzerland. They wanted to create a brand that represented pure Swissness and that’s how Swiss Getal came into existence in 1991. This brand aims to introduce the world to a unique cosmetic line that was inspired by nature and strengthened by their expertise.

1991 - 1993

Our team of experts collaborated with prestigious global laboratories, to develop a solution that would bind nature and technology - cell biotechnology. They further used these advancements to create products

1997 - 1999

After a comprehensive and intensive four-year test phase, the Swiss Getal line was launched in 1997 and successfully introduced into the cosmetics market.

1999 - 2002

After a rigorous test phase, production of our initial batch of products began in an in-house laboratory including manufacturing facilities. As a result, the quality and supply of production were optimally controlled, with the additional ability to react flexibly to international demands.

2002 - 2010

We take pride in being a brand that stays updated with the latest technology. As times changed, cellular cosmetics developed further and stem cells were discovered in cosmetics. Being one of the first brands to integrate this innovation into our products enabled us to emerge as pioneers in the Swiss skincare industry.

2010 - Future

At Swiss Getal, we have an immense passion for innovation. We’re constantly developing products by incorporating them with the latest innovations. Our laboratories and production facilities are equipped with modern infrastructure to serve as perfect conditions for research, development and production. Delivering a premium cosmetic experience to our customers globally is our utmost priority.

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High Quality
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