Cellular Balancing Mask
Cellular Balancing Mask
Cellular Balancing Mask

Cellular Balancing Mask

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Effect Improvement within 12hrs

Anti-aging factors (protein synthesis, collagen synthesis, oxygen conversion)

+ improved up to 71%

Moisture of the skin

+ 30% Moisture

Wrinkle reduction

+ bis zu 60% verbessert


-Protection against anti-oxidative stress

The Cellular Balancing Mask is a moisturizing gel with hyaluron and many plant enzymes, which was designed specifically to revitalize a tired epidermis and refresh the skin. The special composition of this mask based on fresh cells helps to remove dead cells from the skin surface and to prevent blemishes. In a gentle way, it stimulates cell renewal as the skin is supplied with more oxygen. This intensive treatment mask, enriched with retinyl palmitate and tocopheryl acetate, increases the strength and elasticity of the skin. Stimulated by mimosa bark extract, the skin is regenerated. The Cellular Balancing Mask also inhibits the effects of harmful enzymes. The witch hazel extract, which stimulates the formation of skin and makes the skin firm and supple, gives a pleasant feeling of freshness and purity. Horse chestnut extract is known for its anti-inflammatory, calming, and soothing effect.

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