Where Science Meets Swissness

Swiss Getal is not just a cosmetic line; we’re unlocking the secrets to healthy skin. All our products are researched, developed, and manufactured in our production facility in Bern, Switzerland. We’re developing efficient skincare products that actually work.

Laboratory & Production

Our expert skin scientists work diligently to develop the best skincare routine products. We merge cutting-edge biotechnology with the most powerful raw materials for the best results.

We focus on evidence to curate products that nourish your skin! Our advanced skincare technology helps us enhance active agents found in raw materials. We are against animal testing and our aim is to share skincare gems from Switzerland in the most eco-friendly way possible.

Our ultimate goal is holistic well-being. We want your skin to glow and nature to grow; thus, sustainability is our priority. So we’re ensuring that we deliver high-quality, effective Swiss products and encourage self care.

Airless Technology

We believe in offering nothing but the best and thus require high-quality packaging. Therefore, all our products are encased in a thoughtfully curated packaging powered by Airless Technology.

. Limits contact with oxygen, from inside and outside

. Reduction in the proportion of preservatives

. Hygienic, practical, and sturdy

. Attractive and elegant design

. Internal closure flap to avoid drying of product in the nozzle

Swiss Made
High Quality
Proven Results
Backed By Science