BotoCare Decontracting Serum
BotoCare Decontracting Serum
BotoCare Decontracting Serum
BotoCare Decontracting Serum
BotoCare Decontracting Serum
BotoCare Decontracting Serum

BotoCare Decontracting Serum

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EFFECT Improvement within 12hrs

Facial expressions

- 32%

Wrinkle volume

- 20.6%

Fold length

- 15.9 %

Eye wrinkles

- bis zu 60%

Wrinkle depth

- 31.80%

Immediate and long-lasting moisture

+ 60%

UV damage

- 83.6 %


The concentrated SWISSGETAL BotoCare Decontracting Serum in gel form intensifies and complements the effect of the Botocare Decontracting Cream. Through its innovative active ingredients it visibly improves the appearance of mature skin. Pheohydrane makes it possible to actively fixate the moisture content on the stratum corneum level, which helps the skin to maintain and enhance its natural moisture factors. The serum has a strong anti-wrinkle effect. The skin is filled in from the inside and looks smoother and more supple.

Why it's Special

  • The concentrated, gel serum intensifies the action of BotoCare cream.
  • The serum moisturizes and soothes sensitive skin.
  • Active additives such as hyaluronic acid, bisabolol and vitamin C stimulates collagen synthesis.
  • It visibly improves the appearance of mature skin to appear younger and more radiant.


Ingredient Effect


Reduces deep wrinkles, which are caused by muscle contractions of the facial expressions, among other places on the forehead, around the eyes and lips. Prevents skin aging.


Gained through biotechnology from a polysaccharid of the bown algae.

Sacharide Isomerate

Sacharide Isomerate is a highly effective moisture regulator that works in the driest conditions. It has a unique binding mechanism for a deep hydration of the skin that is not washed off. It also strengthens the skin's barrier function.

Hyaluronic Acid (Sodium Hyaluronate)

Very moisturizing, supports the elasticity and elasticity of the skin.

Imperata Cylindrica

Immediate, long-lasting and intense moisturizing effect. Restores the Root Extract osmotic balance.

Hanging Saxifrage

Traps free radicals in an effective manner and has an anti-inflammatory Extract effect.


Makes the skin supple and acts as an anti-inflammatory.

Vitamin C

Natural Vitamin C from the orange stimulates the collagen synthesis, acts as an anti-oxidant.

How to Use

  • Apply SwissGetal BotoCare Decontracting Serum to the face and neck area after your cleanser in the morning and and in the evening, and massage gently in.
  • For very dehydrated skin, after the Serum, Cellular Calming Facial Lotion can also be applied under BotoCare Decontracting Cream.

Skin Type

For all skin types: mature, oily, sensitive, dry, normal and combination. It’s equally effective for men and women.

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