Copy of Acne Spot Treatment Serum
Copy of Acne Spot Treatment Serum
Copy of Acne Spot Treatment Serum
Copy of Acne Spot Treatment Serum
Copy of Acne Spot Treatment Serum
Copy of Acne Spot Treatment Serum

Copy of Acne Spot Treatment Serum

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The ideal formula for blemished,oily and acne-pron skin.

The antiseptic SWISSGETAL Acne Serum made fragrant by the thyme extract regulates sebum flow and regenerates damaged skin. The kelp extract, the so-called Sachalamine, works specifically through the anti-inflammatory components by inhibiting the lipases and the formation of free fatty acids and prostaglandins. Hence, regulating sebum production and preventing alleviate redness. The effect of the Acne Serum can be intensified in combination with the No Oil Matt Cream.

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Always Backed By Science

Laboratory & Production

Proudly Swiss Made Skin Care

SwissGetal is not only a “Swiss made” skin care line by name - we go above and beyond to stay at the forefront of the Swiss-led gold standard for skin care products.


Our company finds its home in the Swiss capital of Bern, with a dedicated research and development department, laboratory and production facility all on the premises. This allows us to stay on the cutting edge of skin care technology and to quickly integrate the most effective ingredients into our products.

Embodying Nature, Purity and Effectiveness

SwissGetal skin care products were designed to activate, revitalise and rejuvenate damaged and aging skin and its cells in the most natural, responsible way.


Our formulations combine natural plant extracts and oils together with various biotechnologically derived cell extracts. These natural ingredients are then supplemented by active components to provide nourishing skin care that embodies a beautiful symbiosis between nature and science.

Dermatologist Recommended

Adhering to the world famous stringent standards of Swiss skin care regulations, this acne serum is the preferred choice by providers because its anti-inflammatory, soothing plant extracts reduce redness.


Cutting Edge Plant Cell Extraction

Always keeping up with the leading in anti-aging research, our unique SwissGetal extraction processes enriches this serum’s active ingredients for a visibly improved complexion.