Oxygen Capsules

Oxygen Capsules

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Anti-aging factor (oxygen conversion)

+ 39%

Anti-aging factor (collagen synthesis)

+ 83%

Anti-aging factor (cell activity / growth)

+ 44.4%


- 90%

Antioxidant protection

+ 40%

Protection against UVB radiation

+ 90%

Protection against UVA radiation

+ 31.5%

The SWISSGETAL Oxygen Capsules are a veritable fountain of youth for the skin. They produce a velvety feeling of freshness, while supplying the targeted skin cells with oxygen. The natural complexion is balanced, the pores are visibly refined, fine lines are reduced and wrinkles are smoothed. Effects: Tightens, firms and refines the skin appearance. Oxygen supplier for the skin‘s own cells, fights free radicals. Moisturizes and refreshes the skin and reduces wrinkles. The Oxygen Capsules are a convenient capsule system in a pearl-shaped, orange-colored coating. The system is clean and hygienic, the capsule shell is made from biodegradable material and is based on plant substances, which contain no preservatives and are skin-friendly. The capsule is absolutely impervious to light and air and protects the active ingredients inside perfectly. The micro-sponge system ensures an easy and convenient way to control the release of the active ingredients.

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