Collagen Lifting Mask Set
Collagen Lifting Mask Set
Collagen Lifting Mask Set
Collagen Lifting Mask Set

Collagen Lifting Mask Set

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Effect Improvement within 30min-1hr

Immediate tightening within 30 min

+ 7.7 %

Immediate wrinkle reduction within 30 min

- 14.1%

Instant smoothing effect

+ 8.1%

Long-term effect

Anti-aging (stimulation of the FIbriststen)

+ 18%

Anti-aging (collagen synthesis)

+ 22.5%

Collagen density

+ 8%

Wrinkle reduction

- 36.2%

Wrinkle depth

- 15%


+ 59%

Anti-oxidative effect

- 68%

- Stimulates and reduces symptoms of fatigue
- Strengthens collagen fibers
- Against Couprose

The COLLAGEN LIFTING MASK SET specifically treats one of the most important components of our skin, the collagen fibers. Collagen fibers are the most common scleroproteins in the connective tissue and account for 70% to 80% of the dry weight of the skin. Collagen has a unique amino acid composition that makes the dermis resistant and tonic. There are profound changes in the skin during aging, with the dermis being the site of the most essential changes. The production of new collagen fibers (collagen synthesis by fibroblasts) decreases for two reasons:

  • A lower rate of fibroblast renewal with age.
  • Collagen becomes harder and increasingly loses its ability to bind large amounts of water, which is essential for the turgor of the skin.

As a result, the skin looks saggy and older. The Collagen Lifting Mask Set addresses precisely this problem and supplies the skin with the ingredients that build up the collagen fibers, which provides the skin with long-lasting moisture, thereby
stopping the aging process and achieving soft skin ...


The excellent complementary lotion to soak the collagen mask fleece. The
SWISSGETAL Solvant Special is able to moisturize, calm and tighten the skin in
the shortest possible time, giving it a radiant appearance.


Collagen Mask Fleece: The collagen fleece is made from rawhide – the so-called “soluble”
collagen. The importance of collagen in cosmetics is based on the fact that the strong
moisturizing collagen is an efficient, physiological method to preserve and store the moisture in the collagen and elastic fibers of the skin. By soaking the collagen fleece with the Solvent Special the soluble collagen is extracted from the fleece and absorbed and stored by the skin.The skin gets its youthful glow and elasticity back.


The intensive-lifting ampoule with its highly effective main active ingredients is
able to tighten the skin to a maximum by firming the collagen and elastic fibers.
With the addition of the ingredient Instensyl, an elastic film is created on the
skin, which helps to immediate and visible tightening within 30 minutes. The
formula also promotes skin hydration and moisturization.

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Xuan T.
United States


I love it! But it always out stock. Can you have it in stock so we can use it on regular basis? Thanks

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