Ceramide Capsules
Ceramide Capsules
Ceramide Capsules
Ceramide Capsules
Ceramide Capsules
Ceramide Capsules
Ceramide Capsules
Ceramide Capsules
Ceramide Capsules

Ceramide Capsules

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Extremely nourishing

Regenerates dry skin


Calmed down

The highly concentrated SWISSGETAL Ceramide Capsules are especially recommended for dry skin. The natural aging of skin is partly due to the loss of endogenous fatty acids. Ceramides support the restructuring of stressed, damaged skin, restoring the natural skin barrier by structuring and activating the building of the body‘s own peptides. This product is designed especially for dry skin. The Ceramide Capsules are a convenient capsule system in a pearl-shaped, white-transparent coating. The system is clean and hygienic, the capsule shell is made from biodegradable material and is based on plant substances, which contain no preservatives and are skin friendly. The capsule is absolutely impervious to light and air and protects the active ingredients inside perfectly. The micro-sponge system ensures an easy and convenient way to control the release of the Active ingredients.

Why it's Special

  • Smooth and Soften Your Skin: Repairing and soothing dry and damaged skin, SwissGetal’s ceramide moisturizer capsules are formulated to rebuild the skin’s natural barriers to effectively combat dryness, wrinkles and aging. The nutrient-rich ceramide serum rejuvenates the skin at the cellular level to produce a visibly smoother, more radiant appearance.
  • Repair and Restore Damaged Skin: Environmental stressors as well as age, deplete ceramides produced by the skin leaving it looking dull, dry and uneven. SwissGetal ceramide capsules provide essential lipids to replenish ceramide levels and stimulate their natural production to promote a vibrant, even complexion.


Ingredient Effect

Sphingolipid Complex

The Ceramide capsules contain a hydrophobic sphingolipid complex, which restores, replenishes and restructures the skin's own fatty acids in order to counteract their loss. This loss can be caused by aging processes or the result of damage caused by washing, stress, environmental pollutants or excessive exposure to UV rays.


A mixture of lipids that naturally occur in the skin. Ceramides are released under the influence of enzymes. The sphingolipid complex is part of the intercellular substance (corresponds to the precursor of ceramides).

Are components of cell membranes. These functionally important skin care ingredients are embedded in an organically compatible silicon soothing agent. When applied to the skin, they provide the lipids with the substances they need to supplement what has been lost due to aging, environmental factors or exposure.


Leicithine softens, moisturizes and soothes the skin. The high concentration of fatty acids forms a barrier on the skin that effectively retains moisture in the skin and at the same time keeps air and other environmental influences away. These properties make lecithin an optimal skin care ingredient for mature, dry or overworked skin.

How to Use

  • After cleansing with the Cellular Purifying Skin Cleanser and the Cellular Refreshing Toner, apply the Ceramide Capsules in the morning and evening by massaging-in to the face and neck areas.
  • Then apply the Cellular Calming Facial Lotion, Cellular Nourishing Eye Repair and, based on your skin type, SwissGetal’s day or night care products.
  • Ceramide Capsules can be used daily or as part of the 30-day course treatment. SwissGetal’s Ceramide Capsules are particularly suitable for very dry skin.

Skin Type

Each of the 60 beauty capsules contains the perfect amount of anti-aging facial serum for applying to the face and neck. The ceramides moisturizing capsules are safe for all skin types and especially useful for those with exceptionally dry skin.

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Sharon S.
United States United States

These little wonders are amazing!

I'm in my 40’s and this is my first with Swiss getal products. My sister told me how great this product is, so I decided to give it a try. I've been using these capsules before going to bed for the past two weeks or so and I'm already seeing much smoother skin. My skin tends to be dry in the winter time and the oil feels amazing; It has also evened out the tone and texture—no more dry patches on my cheeks!

United States United States

Great product

It can absorb very qucik and make my skin smooth and soft.

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