Eye Elixir Lash Maximizer

Eye Elixir Lash Maximizer

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Effect Improvement within 12hrs

Eyelash density (after 2 weeks)

+ 25%

Eyelash density (after 28 days)

+ 66%

Eyelash length (after 2 weeks)

+ 25%

Eyelash length (after 28 days)

+ 66%

Anti-oxidative effect

+ 98.7%


+ 21 %

Anti-oxidative effect

- 98.7%


The SwisGetal EYE-ELIXIR EYE LASH MAXIMIZER has been developed to help your eyelashes achieve a unique elongation and density. After 2 weeks, you will recognize the intense effect of the EYE LASH MAXIMIZER, the significantly lengthened eyelashes and the voluminous appearance. Due to the specially designed formulation, it is not only effective but also moisturises the eyelashes to support a healthy growth. The blue colour is produced by natural Malachite crystals. This protects your eyelashes from oxidative stress.

With the highly effective ingredients of the SwissGetal EYE LASH MAXIMIZER, you bank on an effective eyelash extension elixir – with breath-taking results.

Why it's Special

  • Works in 2 Weeks - After two weeks of application, the intense effect of the Eye Lash Maximizer can be recognized in significantly extended eyelashes and a voluminous appearance.


Ingredient Effects

Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17

The peptides stimulate the keratin genes, which significantly increases eyelash growth and density.

25% improvement in eyelash density and length after 2 weeks.

66% improvement in eyelash density and length after 28 days

Sacharide Isomerate

Sacharide Isomerate is a highly effective moisture regulator that works in the driest conditions. It has a unique binding mechanism for a deep hydration of the skin that is not washed off. It also strengthens the skin's barrier function.


Mala’kite is a blue extract, a naturally occurring mineral malakite. It has antioxidant properties and provides the skin with essential trace elements. Anti oxidative effect + 98.7%

How to Use

  • After cleansing the eye area, gently massage one drop of SwissGetal Eye Lash Maximizer along the lash line and eyelashes in the morning and in the evening.

Skin Type

For all skin types.

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