Cellular Rejuvenation Secret
Cellular Rejuvenation Secret
Cellular Rejuvenation Secret
Cellular Rejuvenation Secret
Cellular Rejuvenation Secret
Cellular Rejuvenation Secret

Cellular Rejuvenation Secret

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Effect Improvement within 12hrs

Anti-aging factors (protein synthesis, collagen synthesis, oxygen conversion)

+ improved up to 71%

Moisture of the skin

+ 30% Moisture

Wrinkle reduction

+ improved up to 60%


- Reinforcement of the capillary walls

- Reduction of couprose / redness

- Extra moisture

- Protection against oxidative stress

Cellular Rejuvenation Secret is the perfect complement to the SWISSGETAL line! Apply under normal skin care. Cellular Rejuvenation Secret strengthens its effect and fights the visible signs of the skin aging process. The extract of fagus sylvatica supports the colloidal balance of the skin cells, prevents rosacea and has a strong firming effect. Biosaccharide and hyaluronic acid provide an ideal level of moisture. Tocopheryl acetate (Vitamin E) firms the skin tissue. Retinyl palmitate (Vitamin A) regenerates the skin and enhances the process set in motion with Vitamin E. Mimosa bark extract fights free radicals, stimulates capillary circulation and promotes the full effect of the butcher's broom extract. The latter reduces redness and is indicated for delicate and sensitive skin. The combination of these cell extracts smooths the skin and restores youthful freshness, optimal protection and provides all the vital elements of effective care to preserve youthfulness!

Why it's Special

  • Visibly Reduces Wrinkles - The special formulation in our Cellular Rejuvenation Secret activates your skin’s own cellular regeneration processes to combat free radicals and visibly reduce wrinkling.
  • Preserves Youthfulness - The SwissGetal Cellular Rejuvenation Secret supports the colloid balance of the skin and moisturizes it to help preserve the skin’s youthfulness.


Ingredient Effect

Fagus Sylvatica-Extract

The extract obtained from the shoots of the fagus sylvatica is rich in enzymes which promote cell renewal.

Stem Cell Extract of the Nymphaea Alba (Lotus)

Stimulates the synthesis of collagen and proteoglycans. Regenerates the body’s own stem cells and promotes their growth.


Natural moisturizer with a long-term effect

Mimosa Bark Extract

Builds and regenerates, protects against sun exposure, as an after-sun balm, it increases capillar y resistance, which stimulates microcirculation, combats free radicals.

Hyaluronic Acid (Sodium Hyaluronate)

Very moisturizing, supports the elasticity and elasticity of the skin

Butcher's Broom Extract

Stimulates circulation. Clears the complexion, is an astringent, works against redness, prevents spots and is indicated for delicate and sensitive skin.

Vitmain A (Retinyl Palmitatel)

Vitamin A improves the appearance of dry or damaged skin. It protects, revitalizes the skin and restores suppleness.

Vitmain E (Tocopheryl Acetate)

Moisturizing agent that reduces fine wrinkles, roughness and redness of the skin and fights free radicals.

How to Use

  • Apply a few drops of Cellular Rejuvenation Secret as a serum in the morning and in the evening after careful cleansing, under the Cellular Nourishing Eye Repair, and then apply SwissGetal Day or Night Cream depending on your skin type.
  • The serum is immediately absorbed by the skin.
  • Neck and décolletage skincare.

Skin Type

This unscented serum effectively treats all skin types: oily, sensitive, dry, normal and combination from younger to highly sensitive and mature skin. It’s equally effective for men and women, and being unscented makes it an appealing unisex option.

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