Cellular Refreshing Toner
Cellular Refreshing Toner
Cellular Refreshing Toner
Cellular Refreshing Toner
Cellular Refreshing Toner
Cellular Refreshing Toner

Cellular Refreshing Toner

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SWISSGETAL Cellular Refreshing Toner is a refreshing lotion. It removes the last traces of the cleanser, moisturizes and revitalizes the skin and leaves it soft and fresh. Cellular Refreshing Toner stimulates and promotes cell renewal. Licorice extract calms skin irritations and has a soothing effect, while the skin is prepared for subsequent care. Rose extract revitalizes, butcher's broom extract stimulates circulation. And last but not least, the witch hazel extract provides gentle cleansing while the delicate balance of the epidermis is respected. All these vitalizing ingredients, along with Fagus sylvatica extract, convey the feeling of freshness and relaxation and prepare the skin for the next step in care

Why it's Special

  • Refreshing Deep Clean - Prepare your skin for the next step of your nightly routine by first cleaning it thoroughly. This toner cleanses deeply while still invigorating and moisturizing the skin in a way that feels refreshing.
  • Enriched with Organic Materials – Our formula features a unique composition of organic botanical ingredients to promote an all natural approach to stimulating and promoting cell renewal.


Ingredient Effects

Fagus Sylvatica-Extract

The extract obtained from the shoots of the fagus sylvatica is rich in enzymes which promote cell renewal.

Stem Cell Extract of the Nymphaea Alba (Lotus)

Stimulates the synthesis of collagen and proteoglycans. Regenerates the body’s own stem cells and promotes their growth.

Licorice Extract

Soothes the epidermis, has a calming and healing effect on skin irritations.

Rose Extract

Known for centuries for its refreshing proper ties. Also soothes eye redness.

Butcher's Broom Extract

Stimulates circulation. Clears the complexion, an astringent, is effective against redness, prevents spots.

Witch Hazel Extract

This healing and soothing plant also helps against redness, moisturizes the skin and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

How to Use

  • Use after Cellular Purifying Skin Cleanser or Cellular Skin Softening Exfoliator.
  • Gently cleanse the face and neck with a cotton ball dampened with refreshing toner. Dry skin well.
  • Can also be used alone in the morning to refresh and revitalize the face.

Skin Type

This unscented toner can effectively be used on all skin types, from younger to highly sensitive and mature skin, male and female.

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